Hi, my name is Zayn Zaki. I’m 22 years old, and an anxious college dropout.

When I was in school I studied literature and gender, sexuality, and women’s studies.

But you know, I learned nothing from that next to what I learned from talking to people, and
reading their writing, mostly online.

Contemporary issues involve the every day experiences of individuals and groups. I currently
spend the great majority of my time trying to piece together how society might work better. In
order to do that effectively though, we have to deconstruct what’s happening now and why it’s
harmful. We have to break down our paradigms.

So this is a blog about oppression, and privilege, and the weird mix and match dynamics of where
we lie in those areas over the terrain of our intersecting identities.

I straddle a lot of lines–I am bigender, bisexual, and biracial. I’m mentally ill. I’m poor but
educated. I can sometimes pass for straight, cis, and relatively white. Occasionally I can pass
as male. My disability is invisible. My low class status is often disguisable.

I try to use my place in society–hovering between privileged and oppressed groups–to educate
myself and others. Like many, I analyze how these systems interact, and synthesize the stories of
my own life and those of others.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always spent time coming up with “theories”. It was one of those quirky
things about my that my friends either loved or hated.

Well now my theories are informed by the theories of others, and I’ve decided to make a
profession of it. I am a writer, and this is my subject:

Deconstructing the system.


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