Hello followers!

I’ve mostly tried to keep this blog as a portfolio, and so I haven’t linked to my patreon or anything outside the blog, but two things have come up that make it feel necessary to change that:

1. I’m not writing here quite as much anymore but I’m still writing, and I wanted to let followers know that while this blog will stay active and I’ll probably keep posting here, I also have a second blog now that has been more active and includes a broader range of content! That can be found on medium here: https://medium.com/@sjmage

2. I’m very poor. I’ve started to get some serious hope that I can make money writing! My patreon has some donations. Unfortunately making any income at all makes social services less willing to help me (and by help I mean a $200 per month income). I used to kind of assume everyone reading my work also had no money because so many of us are young and marginalized and that often = poor, but I figure I should put it out there that I am  very very poor so if you feel you’ve benefited from my writing and you have some money to spare, I would deeply appreciate more people becoming patrons on patreon: here

Writing is work, and like all art is often overlooked at something worth paying for. But it is, so I thought I would ask you, followers, if you can afford to, to help support my work.

Thank you to everyone who follows me, and in advance to anyone who chooses to become a patron.


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