Transgender Day of Visibility

I posted this yesterday on Facebook, but I’d like to share it here now:

Transgender Day of Visibility

In past years I’ve been really excited about trans day of visibility.

But lately, it’s felt like capitalism is trying to eat us up and market it as progress, visibility, acceptance, support.

The fact that people KEEP fucking giving Jenner a microphone, the fact that as expected I have not seen much circulated from Cox or Mock since Jenner came out…

The fact that some clothing company (I don’t even remember the name) launched some “gender neutral clothing line” that was just hoodies, the fact that I keep seeing articles calling celebrities “genderqueer” who didn’t identify that way, like it’s trendy–for cis people to feel accepting, not genderqueerness–

All of these facts are making me feel like our visibility is yet another cheap joke for the entertainment of cis people. They saw us coming finally and are trying their best to take our visibility and make it about them and what they can get from us.

So that’s why today I’m sharing people’s discomfort with TDOV. Because we’re getting more and more visible and it’s not helping. It’s making us a market demographic, acceptance a trend, while our rights are still being trampled and our siblings murdered.

Seeking visibility feels empty today–so many of us are feeling it–because we’ve seen trans people in the media all year, and at first that might have given us tentative hope, but at this point, it’s just becoming more and more clear we’re on the road to that place where our society starts gaslighting us–pretending they’re accepting us while we’re still literally dying, being fired, evicted, harassed. We’re already getting there. I see Gay Inc coming back–Cis Passing Binary Trans Inc–I see it and I’m scared.

That’s what feels visible today, and the rest of us are still feeling invisible. Many of us even want to keep it that way, because in a world of empty allyship & marketing, visible just means target.


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