Energy saving tips this winter:

-Don’t try to act neurotypical for others’ convenience.
-Don’t try to cover up your disability/disabilities for others’ convenience.
-If you’re autistic, allow yourself to “act” autistic, because the things you feel and like are just as valid.
-When people demand that you do things you can’t do and won’t listen, put in headphones and play some easy listening.
-If your pain is treatable by painkillers, and the only reason you’re not taking them is to “be strong”, take them.
-When someone calls you lazy, laugh at them and say “that’s a good one!”
-If your to do list gets overwhelming, even down to making food, ask for help, and if you can’t get help, remember that that does not mean you aren’t deserving of it.
-Remember to sometimes let yourself give up today, so you can rest and go on tomorrow. You are just as awesome and brave and worthwhile, no matter how much you get done.
-Tell yourself that saving your energy matters. Remind yourself as much as possible, surround yourself with people who validate that, take a moment as often as possible to remind yourself that your spoons are valuable and no one is entitled to them.

These energy saving options may not be available to everyone, because our capitalist, ableist society often pushes us to do and feel self-damaging things to survive. But if at all possible, use this guide to save energy this winter. And summer. Forever really.


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