Should I Be Ashamed Of My Colds Too?

tw–“slut” shaming, STI stigma

Sexually transmitted infections are infections, like any other. You don’t owe anyone apologies or shame or repentance for simply having one or more of them.

If I have a cold, I tell my partner not to stick their damn tongue in my mouth because I’m sick. They don’t treat me like I’m shit for that. I’m not considered dirty and morally inferior because I have a cold. I’d still be very sorry if I gave it to them, and feel guilty if I gave it to them knowing I had it and didn’t warn them.

STI’s are like that. You’re sick. An illness or infection isn’t in any way a reflection of your moral or human value. Stop telling people that they have to be apologetic about STIs. Stop being apologetic about your STI’s if you have one(s).

I gave a partner acne bacteria one time cause we were naked together. Technically that was sexually transmitted infection, but since we get bacteria from all over, there’s no stigma, and he didn’t get mad at me.

If I gave a partner a cold because we were making out, that is a sexually transmitted infection, but since you can get colds from shaking hands or being around someone with a cold or touching a door, there is no stigma.

Basically if the main way to acquire an infection is sexual, suddenly it’s a moral issue, no matter the severity.

We are punishing people, mostly women, for being sexually active.

Yes, you owe it to your partner to warn them if you’re sick. But that’s just like, human courtesy/decency. It’s not because you’re shameful and bad and need to divulge your dark secret.

You’re just SICK oh my god that’s not morally wrong hey there sexism and ableism all at once. Fuck. This stuff makes me angry.

Rebel against this shit. Treat STI’s like any other infection. Warn your partners without putting yourself down. Accept the information from others without putting them down. This is important.


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