An Open Letter to Those “Depressed” by my Depression

Dear everyone ever,

For most of us who have mental illnesses, mental illness is a huge part of our lives and influences our experience and therefore is a big part of who we are. So well, if your life is about traveling and school and going out partying, awesome. Some of our lives are like that, but they also include mental illness.

Telling us not to talk about it because it’s “depressing” is really fucking insensitive and offensive.

Oh, is remembering some people are unhappy “depressing”? You know what’s depressing, also? DEPRESSION, for one. Other mental illnesses are depressing too, it’s depressing to feel so broken and you know what makes us feel broken? YOUR ABLEISM.

So basically, if sad people bum you out and you can’t handle it? You can disengage. Come check on us later. Don’t fucking tell us not to talk about our lives in public.

People write and talk about their bad days. We have a whole fucking lot of bad days. Telling us to pretend we’re okay makes us less okay.

And if you’re comfortable with making our shitty lives worse so you can pretend the world is amazing for everyone? You’re not a good friend. You can feel free to take breaks and turn away, but don’t tell us to shut up about it.


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